Hot tub found dumped upside down in ditch along small backroad

An angry resident discovered the hot tub in Follens Road, Walpole St Andrew. 

An angry resident discovered the hot tub in Follens Road, Walpole St Andrew. - Credit: Nick Williams

If you’re looking for a second hand hot tub – which only needs some slight TLC – you're in luck as one has been dumped upside down in a ditch.  

One angry resident made the odd discovery on Thursday (January 7) along Follens Road in Walpole St Andrew – a narrow Fenland back road.  

The hot tub – complete with all the needed pipes – can be seen in photographs surrounded by its wooden decking which has been smashed to pieces.  

“What to do with an unwanted hot tub,” said Nick Williams who found the overturned jacuzzi. 

It comes after a number of rubbish sacks were dumped in a dyke at North Bank in Wisbech

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