Night of violence as man injures his wife and daughter, smashes up the family home and takes a shovel to the living room window

Liam George has been jailed for 19 months following an attack on his wife and daughter at their Wisb

Liam George has been jailed for 19 months following an attack on his wife and daughter at their Wisbech home. Picture: CAMBS COPS - Credit: Archant

A Wisbech man injured his wife and daughter with broken glass, smashed up the family TV and broke the living room window with a shovel.

The violent rampage was interpreted when Liam George went out but continued 15 minutes later when he returned to find his terrified wife had bolted the door and broke his way.

Only later, a court heard, did George realise what he had done and fled in his wife's car, even though he was disqualified from driving and had no insurance.

The night of horror was spelt out before a crown court judge last month when the case was adjourned for reports.

At Peterborough Crown Court on Tuesday, George, 46, was jailed for a total of 19 months.

The court had been told how he had injured his wife and daughter with a piece of glass during an aggressive outburst at their home has been jailed.

George, 46, became agitated and angry after his wife and 17-year-old daughter returned to their Wisbech home on the evening of Sunday August 18.

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They retreated to the daughter's bedroom and George punched the door before going downstairs and smashing the TV and several picture frames.

George left the house in Kooreman Avenue and returned about 15 minutes later to find he had been locked out.

He responded by smashing the living room window with a shovel, causing the glass to shatter, before climbing through the hole.

He then picked up a piece of glass and threatened to harm himself before waving his arms around, leaving his wife and daughter with cuts.

After realising what he had done, he walked out, took his wife's car and drove off, despite being disqualified from driving and having no insurance.

When he returned home, police had arrived and he became abusive during arrest.

On September 17, he pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent, criminal damage, obstructing a police officer, taking a vehicle without the owner's consent, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance.

DC Paddy Reeve said: "This was a violent outburst in the presence of his teenage daughter who must have been terrified.

"This type of aggressive behaviour is totally unacceptable and I hope today's sentencing brings the victims closure."

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