Here’s how one Wisbech Standard reader captured the latest vandalism to showcase playground

I TOOK these pics at 9am today, no more windows left to damage.

The local Police team want whistle blowers to name the culprits, do they not realize that this whole neighbourhood was against it from even the initial discussion stages, because it is sited in the middle of a retirement area.

We don’t want it, apparently neither do the children who are supposed to live around here, if it was wanted why are the youngsters doing there utmost to destroy it?

The “experts” were warned that it will be an easy target for vandals, they have taken no notice of the 200 voices saying NO! NO! NO!

Now they are paying the price for ignoring the concerns of the residents.

Apart from the vandalism of the site, we the residents are putting up with broken windows and greenhouses from the rocks that are thrown every day and night even up to 2am or later.

Some of the residents are going away each weekend to get some sleep and escape the noise and stress from this folly. Stress can and does affect the retired aging residents in ways that could shorten their lives. Is it fair to impose this on them?

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They are entitled to peace and quiet in their retirement. Many have worked hard all their lives to own their homes, why should the council think they have the right to devalue property in and around Waterlees?

There can be no excuses, it is in the wrong place.

We also warned the council that our roads and underground services could not take the heavy plant such as cranes, did they listen? Of course not, did they care? Not a bit of it.

Our concerns and wishes were swept under the table as not worthy of consideration. Guess what? There is a major gas leak being repaired at this very moment, exactly on the corner of Waterlees Road and Beachwood Road where we said there would be a problem. Who is paying for this repair? Will it come out of our rates or will the developers pay? I know where I would place my bet.

The wisdom and intelligence of the professionals who chose Waterlees is now questionable.