Center Parcs to keep Covid rules for guests beyond July 19

Three new lodges have been built next to the lake at the Center Parcs resort in Elveden. Picture: Ia

Center Parcs at Elveden and other places in the UK will maintain some Covid rules beyond July 19. - Credit: Ian Burt

Face coverings, test and trace details and cashless payments are among the rules to be kept at Center Parcs locations beyond July 19, including its holiday village on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

On Monday, health secretary Sajid Javid said face masks would be encouraged, but not compulsory, going forward.

Social distancing measures and legal restrictions on large gatherings will also be lifted.

But Center Parcs has said it will not be so abrupt with the lifting of restrictions at its holiday villages, preferring instead a "cautious and careful" approach.

The company, which has a venue in Elveden and announced this week it is building a new UK resort, said it had considered guest feedback when making changes through the pandemic.

A notice on the Center Parcs website said: "We request that guests wear face coverings in indoor public areas and in close contact areas.

"There may also be some close contact activities where we require guests to wear a face covering – this is for the protection of both our guests and our colleagues.

Martin Dalby, managing director of Center Parcs UK. copy - Mat Gostelow 6 of 6

Managing director of Center Parcs UK Martin Dalby. - Credit: Denise Bradley

"We strongly suggest that all guests bring a face covering with them."

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But speaking on Radio 4's Today programme, chief executive Martin Dalby said management would not be "policing" that advice, adding that vaccine passports would not be introduced.

Public health is "absolutely our number one priority", he added.

On other measures, Center Parcs said: "We will continue to request details from all guests at the time of booking to support any future requests. However, providing test and trace details for everyone at individual units will now be optional.

"We are now a cashless environment and this will continue.

"All outdoor play areas will be open and indoor play areas will open when we feel it is safe to do so.

"We will continue to provide hand sanitiser and strongly recommend that guests continue to use.

"Government information may change and rules and advice are constantly under review. Guests must check government information themselves to understand any changes or new rules prior to visiting Center Parcs, booking a new break or when considering a date change or cancellation of an existing booking."