Have you seen missing cat, Genie? She vanished two weeks ago and her owner hasn’t stopped searching since

Genie relaxing on her favourite sofa.

Genie relaxing on her favourite sofa. - Credit: Archant

A teary Murrow woman says she has struggled to sleep at night ever since her beloved cat, Genie, went missing 14 days ago.


Genie - Credit: Archant

Eileen Sattin has been tirelessly searching the areas around Eastwood Avenue - sometimes twice a day - after her furry friend “vanished” on September 14.

“I took Genie to Best Friends Pets March on Upwell Road because, unfortunately, she has conjunctivitis.

“After seeing her, the vet put Genie back into the cat box. I took the box back to the car and suddenly the weight changed.

“The box jerked quickly and then she completely vanished.

“I think she had jumped out and ran over the fence at Eastwood Avenue.”

Genie in a box

Genie in a box - Credit: Archant

Since the disappearance, Eileen has travelled to the area every day – sometimes twice – in search of finding her best friend, who she has been with for just over a year.

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The areas she has searched over the last two weeks include Eastwood Cemetery, The Sconce, Cavalry Park and Upwell Road, all in March.

“I’ve posted on Facebook pages and contacted the microchip people, but there haven’t been any positive sightings yet.

“It’s really hard to know what else I can do except keep the news out there.

“She’s a lovely little cat, but is quite timid; she’s bonded with me but isn’t very good with other people.

Muffin, left, misses his friend, Genie.

Muffin, left, misses his friend, Genie. - Credit: Archant

“It’s the not knowing what’s happened to her that’s the worst thing.

“She always rushes in when it rains and she’s never been out alone at night before.

“I really feel for her. I just want to know what’s happened to her because that would give me some closure.”

• Genie, aged two, is ginger with a partially white face and white bib. She has four white feet, with two short socks at the front and two long socks at the back. Her distinguishing feature is a circle of ginger close to her nose on the left hand side.

• If anyone thinks they have seen Genie, call Eileen Sattin on 01945 700476 or 07495 147106 or email eesattin@yahoo.co.uk