Hannah, 20, of Long Sutton, sets up business with a difference - she makes body casts

A selection of body casts from Hannah Deith's studio.

A selection of body casts from Hannah Deith's studio. - Credit: Archant

A 20-year-old former art student has set up her own business making body casts.

At La Boutique Du Moulage, in Long Sutton Arts and Crafts Centre, Hannah Deith makes casts of everything from pregnancy bumps to childrens’ hands at feet.

She creates a highly detailed mould, which she then uses to create a unique piece of art.

Hannah is following in her father’s footsteps - he ran a paints and ceramics studio in Bourne.

She said: “My dad used to run a paints and ceramics studio and he did clay imprints too. I tried it and found I had a bit of a knack for it.

“We do a lot of body casts of baby bumps for pregnant women and parents like to have casts of their childrens’ hands and feet as ornaments. We don’t do things which are too intimate.

“I’d like to see the business getting really popular so I could look for somewhere bigger.”

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Prices start from £20. For more information about body casting, go to www.body-casting.com

THE PROCESS - by Hannah Deith

To begin with we layer a material called alginate over your chosen area, where it is allowed to set.

We then reinforce the alginate in plaster bandages (modroc). This help it keep its shape during the plastering process. Once the plaster is dry we give the cast a professional finish to your specifications.

Once we have your mould, you are able to go home and put your feet up whilst we finish the process. This includes adding the plaster and putting a decorative finish to it. We shall then contact you when it is finished.

On the day we say allow for two hours for large or full areas, however smaller areas can take significantly less time.

Every cast is different as we need to wait for it to dry fully. Once dry it can then be given your chosen finish. It can be up to four weeks before it is complete.