Greetings sent from Wisbech to the Holy Land

GREETINGS from organisations in Wisbech are being taken to Bethlehem by a couple leaving on a pilgrimage to Palestine.

Wisbech Councillor Jonathan Farmer presented a folder containing all the greetings to Hilary Finlay who will be accompanied on the trip by her husband Sean.

The couple will be based in Bethlehem but will travel to various parts of the Holy Land. Mr Finlay said: “ The Holy Land which is the birthplace of Christianity and Judaism and is Islam’s second most holy place is a most unhappy place. This should be a source of great sadness for all people of good will.

“Our visit is a small sign that our community in Wisbech, conscious of the great privilege we enjoy to live in a free and open democracy, wish this to be the right of all peoples in the Holy Land whether Jewish or Palestinian.

“Until this peace is achieved this cancer will continue to infect the body politic, not just in the Middle East but in all corners of the world.”