Grandmother of drowning victim calls for Bawsey Pits closure

Radek Gina Bawsey Pits

Radek Gina died after getting into difficulties in a small lake at Bawsey Pits near King's Lynn. - Credit: Facebook/Chris Bishop/Denise Bradley

The grandmother of a 20-year-old man who drowned at Bawsey Pits near King’s Lynn is confident a public petition will help close down the lakes where he died. 

Radek Gina from Wisbech was pronounced dead at the scene after getting into difficulties in the small lake on Wednesday, June 16. 

Mr Gina’s death is the fourth to happen at the country park in less than 10 years, and now, his grandmother Dawn Cunningham is hoping action can be taken to prevent possible deaths from happening in future. 

“I would like a petition to get something done; I can’t sit and have nothing done about this,” Mrs Cunningham said. 

“It’s not a nature reserve, but a hell hole and if I can save one more child, it would be worth doing.” 

Mrs Cunningham said she has already got the support of “lots of people” to close the lakes, where tributes have been paid to Mr Gina since his death. 

Some of Mr Gina’s family visited the spot where Mr Gina drowned on June 17, including one of Mrs Cunningham’s nieces who she said was injured when they arrived to pay tribute. 

Radek Gina Wisbech

Radek Gina of Wisbech was a former student at the College of West Anglia. His family have begun a petition to have the lake where he drowned closed for good. - Credit: Facebook

Although there are six No Swimming signs between the car park and the spot where Mr Gina drowned, Mrs Cunningham believes more could have been done by staff. 

“They’ve got to have someone sitting on that lake, like a lifeguard, as there is nobody there to stop them (from going into the lake),” she said. 

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“Family and friends gathered where Radek drowned, and there were no signs to say it’s slippery on the water. 

“It’s not a beach, it’s a pit. If they put mud around it, would people go in it then?” 

Bawsey Pits King's Lynn

There are six No Swimming signs between the car park and the spot where Radek Gina drowned at Bawsey Pits. Dawn Cunningham, Mr Gina's grandmother, is calling for the lakes to be closed down. - Credit: Denise Bradley

In a statement after Mr Gina’s death, Bawsey Country Park said they have “worked tirelessly” to improve the site’s safety and pleaded with visitors to stay out of the water. 

Norfolk Police are investigating the circumstances around the death and an inquest will be opened once enquiries have been completed. 

Radek Gina Bawsey Pits tributes

Tributes have been left beside the lake where Radek Gina died. - Credit: Chris Bishop

“He was such a lovely boy; he was always smiling,” Mrs Cunningham added. 

“I’m aware of the deaths that have happened, but when it’s at your door, it hits home.   

“I’m very confident action will be taken. I don’t think it should be shut down, but the lake should be closed to the public.”