Bring back respect plea by funeral director  

Coggles funeral directors plea to restore respect

Nearly 300 people wrote in support of a local funeral director who implored people to show respect and allow a hearse to pass - Credit: Coggles

Bring back respect plea by funeral director  

Nearly 300 people wrote in support of a local funeral director who implored people to show respect and allow a hearse to pass. 

And they also to restore the tradition of standing quiet for a moment and bowing your head as a hearse passes. 

A J Coggles – with branches in Wisbech, King’s Lynn and Downham Market – issued their respect plea in a post on their Facebook page.  

It has been shared 1,300 times and attracted 265 comments of approval. 

“The reason behind this post was just to remind people of the traditions,” Coggles posted. 

“It really does mean a lot to the family,” 

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One reader was surprised people didn’t already show respect. 

“Some days we can’t even get out of a road junction,” said Coggles. 

“Some people have no time unfortunately.” 

Coggles wrote: “If you see a hearse, could you stop, stand for a moment as it passes, perhaps take off your cap, and bow your head? 

“We wondered if we could revive an old tradition that would show people that their loss is noticed and shared by us all?  

“It would mean the world to families in a time of sadness.” 

Coggles added: “Please if you see a hearse at a junction please stop and allow some of the following cars to also exit the junction.  

“In most cases this is the family behind following the hearse.” 

Andy wrote that part of his job is to drive the limousine behind the hearse.  

“It always brings comfort to the grieving family in the back when people take the time to pay their respect,” he wrote. 

Yvette wrote that her husband passed away in February. 

“We had workman doing major repairs outside on the road near us,” she wrote. 

“They'd been working there for around two months. 

“When the hearse arrived to pick me and my daughters up we noticed all the workmen stopped working and turned all their machinery off and stood in silence. 

“Our funeral directors thought this was amazing and so did we.” 

A Coggles family member wrote: “Traditions are very important to me and I will pass these on to my children and also if they follow my footsteps as a funeral director being sixth generation.” 

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