Son launches fund raising appeal to pay for the funeral of his father whose body lay undiscovered in Fenland home for two weeks

Estranged family: In the photo is Tim, second left, his half brothers Curtis and Ryan, and on the ri

Estranged family: In the photo is Tim, second left, his half brothers Curtis and Ryan, and on the right their dad Terry. Picture: GOFUNDME - Credit: eyJpdiI6Im1tVDJWeTIyUFdjWmdDenFJWFRGV2c9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoic2Y1RjAxcHNvV1pzeWZwQndjSk4wVTlXVjdINXRlS1M2QlpPRENuelZQZzA5bE03anlac0l0K1JmeUd4WWVxYiIsIm1hYyI6IjllYmQwMWIxODIyOWJmYzRkOGUzNjJhMDBhZjc2N2I5MDY1MmVjZDk3MTA2NmVkMGRiZTA3YWM1OTE1YWU3MTkifQ==

A GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for the funeral of a Murrow man whose body was not found for two weeks after he died.

Terry Stevens had lived in the village for nearly 50 years but had become estranged from his family.

His son Tim says no one in the family has the money to pay for the funeral and so he has set up a fund raising page. With a target of £3,000 the appeal is already a third of the way to reaching its goal.

On the appeal page Tim says: "I never ever thought I'd be in a position to have to ask for help to bury a loved one. Unfortunately I learned my dad passed away last week after apparently being dead and alone for almost a fortnight.

"We weren't a close family and I alone was his only point of contact. I have two half

brothers that are in the same circumstances as me and cannot offer enough monetary value to help give the man that created me/us the end off he deserves."

Tim adds: "My dad was a proud man; much like myself and he'd never ever dare to ask for help for anything and this is why we've ended up where we are.

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"He never reached out for help. He never made any arrangements for his death despite being friends with a man that ran a funeral directors' business for almost 50 years. "This was his silly pride that got in the way. I am now at a huge loss. I've lost my father, and I simply don't have any funds bar a few quid to give him even the simplest of dignified send offs.

"Despite my 'family' pride, I am hoping that a few of you beautiful lovely people will help give Terry a funeral he deserves."

Tim added: "I say this with a heavy heart and I don't want to feel like I'm begging even though I am."

At the moment 42 people have donated to the appeal - the highest amount donated being £200.

In one newspaper interview Tim explained: "As a child our relationship was like every other father and son, fairly close.

"We grew apart as I got older, and as he got older he became more and more disillusioned with the modern world."

Here is the link to the fund raising page