Fuel syphoned from forklift trucks during a burglary at Wisbech Port, court told

BURGLAR Dean Hutton left finger prints behind when he broke into a warehouse at Wisbech Port and syphoned fuel from five forklift trucks stored in the premises.

“Finger prints lifted at the scene led the police to Hutton; he admitted burglary but refused to say who he sold the fuel to,” prosecutor Emma Duckett told Fenland magistrates.

Hutton, 21, of North Street, Wisbech, admitted committing burglary on September 25, and was warned he could be facing a jail sentence.

A director from the port discovered the burglary and someone had climbed over the outer gates, Miss Duckett said.

“It was apparent that someone had broken in and syphoned fuel from five forklift trucks,” she said. “That fuel was worth �78.75 and some red diesel had also been stolen, valued at �67.50.”

Sentencing was adjourned until November 24 and Hutton was given unconditional bail.