Flower thieves at Fenland cemetery are ‘sick in the mind’

THE father of a girl who died of bone cancer has labelled thieves who stole flowers from her grave as “sick in the mind”.

The family of Kelly Loveridge, who died in 2002, have visited her grave in Elm Cemetery every day but discovered that a rose bush and a bunch of roses were taken between October 30 and November 3.

Tony Loveridge, 55, said that every grave had been affected including another man who found that a basket of artificial flowers had been taken from his daughter’s grave between October 29-30.

He said: “It’s been happening on-off for two years now, they take flowers, decorations and Christmas gifts from graves.

“It’s horrible being at home knowing that someone is taking flowers off your daughter’s grave, It still chokes me - I just can’t put it into words how I feel.

“The grief of my daughter’s death is bad enough but to have this added to it is terrible.

“My wife Rebecca and daughters Hailey and Sarah-Jane visit her grave every day and when they find that her flowers have gone they are left in tears. My wife is torn up every day.

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“I don’t know what type of person who would do this sort of thing - they must be sick in their mind.”

PC Shaun Mitchell said: “These thefts have been extremely distressing for the families involved. I ask people to report items they believe may have been stolen from graves and any suspicious activity at the cemetery.”

CONTACT: Anyone with information should contact 0345 456 456 4 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

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