Flood warning issued in Wisbech as ‘severe weather’ expected on Friday

Flooding in Wisbech, December 2013.

Flooding in Wisbech, December 2013. - Credit: Archant

Flood wardens in Wisbech have issued a warning that high tides could cause flooding this week.

North End, Wisbech, during floods in 2013.

North End, Wisbech, during floods in 2013. - Credit: Archant

A low-level warning has been issued as a surge is expected “due to combined severe weather,” on Friday (13), said a spokesman.

The town’s flood gates will be closed in the early hours of Friday, with the high tide expected at around 6.30am.

The emergency services, the Environment Agency and flood wardens met earlier today (January 11).

More updates are expected tomorrow.

A joint meeting of all those linked with the Environment Agency, emergency services etc. was held at 11.00 am today.

Due to combined severe weather, we have high tides coming and a surge is expected. (A surge comes before a high tide).

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In a briefing tonight they noted: “We will be going to a flood alert tomorrow (low level warning). The high tides Friday may trigger a flood warning, less on Saturday.”

“Wisbech flood gates will be probably be closed in the early hours of Friday morning.

“The high tide will come at 6.30am on Friday.

“The EA is not sure yet when the surge will come through.”

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