Fire-fighting enthusiasts put out small fire at Wisbech’s Heritage Weekend

MEMBERS of the Vivien Fire Engine Trust had to put out a fire while they were enjoying a display at Wisbech’s Heritage Weekend.

George Dunlop and other members of the trust were attending an exhibitition of the Wisbech Fire Brigade in the Council Chamber today when a cigarette bin caught alight outside.

The Mayor, Councillor Nick Meekins, who is visiting several sites over the weekend, watched as Mr Dunlop put out the fire expertly.

‘Vivien’ is a Leyland fire engine which served Wisbech from 1932 until 1963 and was named after the Mayoress of the town at the time.

It was regarded as one of the most up-to-date fire engines in the district during that period and featured the distinctive “Borough of Wisbech Fire Brigade” lettering and the Borough of Wisbech armorial bearings on its side.

The Vivien Fire Engine Trust consists of a group of historical fire-fighting enthusiasts who collaborated to restore and preserve the engine.