Fines of �300 for drug user caught with cannabis and amphetamine

UNEMPLOYED James Bonnett had been spending �80 of his benefit on cannabis each fortnight, and bought an extra supply of amphetamine to take to a rave in Ireland, a judge was told.

“This has not been the best use of the benefits he has been receiving,” his solicitor Tiffany Meredith conceded at Wisbech courthouse.

“He paid �100 for the amphetamine, he takes it once in a blue moon,” she told District Judge Ken Sheraton. “He admits drugs became an issue for him. He was spending too much money on cannabis. He was spending �80 a fortnight, but has reduced that by half, to �40 a fortnight.”

Police searched Bonnett’s home at Godwin Road in Wisbech on May 27 and discovered 20.75 grams of amphetamine and 6.21 grams of herbal cannabis, said prosecutor Nicola Rice.

On July 3 police saw Bonnett on Wisbech Market Place, and suspected that a drug deal was about to take place. Seven bags of cannabis was found in his pocket, Bonnett had paid �80 for the drug. The seven wraps weighed 17.38 grams.

The qualified fork lift driver, who lives with his partner and three children, was fined a total of �300 and must pay �85 costs and a �15 surcharge.

“You were spending �40 a fortnight on cannabis, that money can pay your fines,” said the Judge.