Fenland teacher’s “greeting worthy for a Queen”

A FENLAND teacher was given a “greeting worthy for a Queen” when she visited a Sri Lankan school.

Marshland High School’s international co-ordinator Lynis Lord said: “My welcome there was amazing.

“I was greeted at the entrance by the school’s Eastern Band with nonch shell and drums, and then performances by singers and dancers in the school hall and an address by the school principal.”

And Mrs Lord returned the compliment by inviting Rupika Jayasinghe to Marshland under the Reciprocal Visit Scheme.

Mrs Lord said: “We have had the partnership for two years now and have exchanged information about our schools and the surrounding area.

“When I went to Sri Lanka I took work completed by Marshland High School pupils about festivals and celebrations, and Mrs Jayasinghe has brought information on the same topic with her, which is now on display in the school.”

Mrs Jayasinghe, whose school is in Kandy, said she was “very pleased to be visiting Marshland High School”.

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“It is totally different to my school of 4,000 girls from age five to 19.

“The Global Partnership means a great deal to the girls in Sri Lanka, to enable them to learn about different cultures and have respect for other nations.

“This gives a wider perspective about the world they are growing up in.”

The Sri Lankan teacher said the content of many lessons at Marshland is similar to classes in her own country.

She visited classes, observed lessons and joined in discussion groups on her visit to Fenland, dressing one Year 11 girl in a sari and giving a Year Nine class a demonstration of how to make a curry Sri Lankan style.

Mrs Lord said: “The schools are now working on further projects together and look forward to continuing their partnership in the years to come.”

Councillor Mayor Jonathan Farmer also visited Sri Lanka independently.