Fenland's new Lib Dem councillor: "The people of Wisbech have spoken - now it's time to listen"

FENLAND'S newly-elected Liberal Democrat councillor said his comprehensive victory in yesterday s by election in Wisbech means that "the people of Wisbech have spoken – and now it s time to listen".

FENLAND'S newly-elected Liberal Democrat councillor said his comprehensive victory in yesterday's by election in Wisbech means that "the people of Wisbech have spoken - and now it's time to listen".

Today Dave Patrick, chairman of Wisbech and District Hackney Carriage Drivers Association, also offered his sincere thanks for voters' support.

He polled almost twice as many votes as Conservative candidate and Cambridgeshire county councillor Steve Tierney in the by election for the Kirkgate Ward on Fenland District Council.

Cllr Patrick was also elected to Wisbech Town Council and polled more votes than his four candidates combined.

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Cllr Patrick said: "To the residents of Wisbech Kirkgate. May I express my sincere thanks for your support in the by election.

"As your elected councillor I will endeavour to do my best to represent your interests and concerns.

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"It is my intention that you should find me an easy person to contact should you wish to speak to me on any matter and if I can help you will only be to happy to do so.

"My contact details are as follows: mobile 07771 573489. Email: patrickdavid432@aol.com.

"Again my sincerest thanks for all your support."

North East Cambs parliamentary candidate Lorna Spenceley added her congratulations to Cllr Patrick.

She said: “Dave is a hard worker, with his heart in Wisbech, and I know he will make an excellent representative for Kirkgate.

“Dave ran a clean campaign that concentrated on the issues, and I'm delighted that he's been rewarded with such a sensational win.

“In the crucial weeks leading up to the General Election, this shows that only the Liberal Democrats can seriously challenge the Conservatives in this constituency, while Labour support continues to crumble.”

Cllr Patrick is the first Liberal Democrat councillor on the Tory stronghold of Fenland District Council, which otherwise consists of 38 Conservatives and one independent.

Cllr Tierney was gracious in defeat and said of Cllr Patrick: "In both cases he won with a good majority and has a clear mandate from the electorate in regards to the issue which was at the centre of his campaign."

Cllr Patrick was beaten to the vacant Wisbech North Division seat on the county council by Conservative candidate Samantha Hoy.

However, he said: "To the people of Wisbech North may I also thank you for your support and although I did not get elected to County this time I am still there to support you if needed."

Cllr Tierney said: "Sam deserved her win, having worked incredibly hard for it and (in my opinion) being an excellent candidate for the post.

"I'd like to thank the people of Wisbech North who supported her and helped her to become (I believe) the youngest councillor at Shire Hall."

Cllr Tierney also said: "The election campaign was fought impeccably by gentlemen (and gentlewoman). It was a credit to local democracy.

"I'd like to offer my congratulations to both the winners. I am sure they will both serve the people of Wisbech North well.

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