Fenland fire crews save Wisbech timber mill Nene Milling from substantial damage

FIREFIGHTERS saved a Wisbech timber mill from substantial damage for the second time yesterday after a fire started in an extraction duct.

Crews dismantled the duct that had over heated and set fire to sawdust at the Nene Milling Co factory and moved lorry trailers over fears the flames would spread into a hopper where dust and shavings are separated and loaded onto the trailers.

Two fire crews from Wisbech and a turntable ladder from Dogsthorpe were called to the Brigstock Road factory at 1.35pm. They dismantled the extraction duct and moved lorry trailers to ensure the fire had not spread.

Steve Robinson, Station Manager for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This was a very difficult job for firefighters who were at the incident for a long time dismantling machinery and making sure the fire had not spread.

“Thanks to their efforts the fire was limited to the sawdust itself and there was very little fire damage to machinery.”

The mill had a similar fire in June 2007 when dust and shavings from a moulding machine which shapes timber caught alight and the extraction duct took the fire into the hopper.

A Wisbech fire crew returned last night and this morning to inspect the factory to ensure there weren’t any remaining hotspots. The fire is believed to be accidental.