Fenland engineer wants to set up workshop in garage to avoid crippling business

AN engineer from Fenland wants to turn his garage into a workshop over fears rent and business rates would cripple his business if he moved.

Martin Claxton, of Main Road, Elm, provides on site welding and machinery maintenance and has also asked Fenland District Council permission to turn the land in front of his double garage into parking for his light engineering business.

Greg Saberton, Mr Claxton’s architect, said: “Because his business is mobile, more than 90 per cent of his work is completed at his clients’ addresses. There are some instances where he uses his garage to fulfil minor jobs but this is very rare.

“The credit crunch has also affected my client deeply so to have to add rent and rates to his outgoings would cripple the business.

“Mr Claxton has looked at other sights to run his business from but because he isn’t required at his premises too often, the rents and rates would not be viable.”

The Elm based engineer says that because he visits his clients there is no need for them to come to his house.

Mr Saberton added that the engineer would be happy to renew the decision in three years time with the council monitoring his situation.