Family members praise quick thinking son who delivered CPR after his father collapses in Wisbech last night

Magpas flew to help Wisbech man who collapsed

Magpas flew to help Wisbech man who collapsed - Credit: Archant

Family members praised a quick thinking son who delivered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to his father after he collapsed in Wisbech last night.

Magpas Helimedix flew to the scene – off Norwich Road- shortly after 5.30pm to attend the man.

On Facebook today the family member wrote: “We moan about the NHS but thank God they were there yesterday afternoon”

He said the family member had a heart attack and a big thanks was due to the paramedics and air ambulance for what they did.

He added praise for the man son’s “for being sensible and giving his dad CPR until help arrived”.

He said medical teams reported that without the son’s assistance “it could have been the difference between life and death”.

A Magpas spokesman said Dr Peter Holden and paramedic Chris Hawkins landed in the town to help the man who had gone into cardiac arrest.

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“The Magpas medical team gave the patient (in his 50s) advanced life support to successfully resuscitate him,” said the spokesman.

“He was then anaesthetised (providing him with A&E level care at the scene) before being taken by land ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn. The patient was in a stable condition upon arrival.”

The helicopter crew who flew the medical team were pilot Steve Wood and crewmember Paul Nolan.

The family member who wrote praising the NHS added: “Just one other thing - thanks to the man down Hawkins Drive who moaned because the ambulance had taken his parking space….get a life.”