Factory worker went off and spent �2,000 that suddenly appeared in his account, court told

WHEN a �2,000 windfall mysteriously arrived in a Wisbech man’s bank account he thought it was rather strange - but decided to withdraw the cash and keep quiet.

Mantas Motiejunas used his bank card to get some of the money out - and converted around �1,500 into Euros at various travel agents.

Appearing before Fenland magistrates, the 22-year-old factory worker from Milner Road admitted five charges of retaining a wrongful credit.

Prosecuting, Andrea Fawcett said Motiejunas held an account with Lloyds TSB, and on December 8 five on-line transactions deposited cash into that account.

Miss Fawcett explained: “The money came from five different accounts, without permission from the account holders.”

The money was transferred within 9.01am and 2.17pm on December 8 last year; the sums deposited were between �260 and �558.

“The defendant became aware of the transactions and withdrew the maximum amount of cash he could, using his bank card,” continued Miss Fawcett.

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“He converted the rest of the money into Euros at travel agents. The losses have been borne by the bank and there is an application for compensation.”

When interviewed by police, Motiejunas said he was unaware of the transactions before the money arrived in his account.

Miss Fawcett added: “He said it did seem strange, but he did not question it with the bank; he knew the money was not his, he has not used the account since.”

Mitigating, Michael Hinchliffe said: “The money went into his account; this was an opportunistic offence.”

The magistrates ordered Motiejunas to perform 80 hours of unpaid work and pay �2,135 compensation and �85 costs.