Serious health risks if mega-incinerator goes ahead, warn experts

The proposed incinerator will be located at Algores Way in Wisbech. Picture: SUBMITTED/ STEVE BARCLA

The proposed incinerator will be located at Algores Way in Wisbech. Picture: SUBMITTED/ STEVE BARCLAY MP - Credit: Archant

Public Health England has warned the electromagnetic fields generated by the proposed mega-incinerator in Wisbech could lead to health conditions, including childhood leukaemia.

Mo Stewart, a retired healthcare professional from Wisbech, discovered the finding in a report compiled by key experts and other stakeholders in response to MVV Environment’s Scoping Report about the proposed site.

After reading all relevant documents, she has taken the most significant expert concerns and comments to compile her own Scoping Opinion which has been published on the Wisbech Town Council website.

It states Public Health England commented: “There is concern about the possible effects of long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields, including possible carcinogenic effects... including childhood leukaemia...”

MVV Environment Ltd is proposing the mega-incinerator is built in Algores Way at a site which is 750 metres from Thomas Clarkson Academy and 350 metres from The Eye Clinic.

Developers say there will be “no smell” from the plant and it will create around 700 jobs while under construction, and then 40 full-time posts when it is operating.

If the facility goes ahead, it will handle over 500,000 tonnes of nonrecyclable waste per year.

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But Mo Stewart’s Scoping Opinion also highlights Cambridgeshire County Council’s view that the incinerator could potentially be an “unsatisfactory development” because no other sites have been considered.

And as the planned site is in a built-up area, there is a risk it has “potential to cause unacceptable effects to the health and quality of life to those living and working near the site”.

The negative impact the facility will have on the surrounding landscape, its effect on air quality and additional HGV traffic are mentioned.

Mo Stewart also points out that MVV Environment’s Scoping Report “does not necessarily capture” all the planning policies relevant to the proposal, including the current and upcoming Fenland Local Plans.

Meanwhile, campaigners are urging for the timeline related to the incinerator to be deferred, particularly as the public consultation has been taking place during the coronavirus lockdown.

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