Ex-wife of disabled Wisbech man shocked at claims he lost leg 20 years ago

THE former wife of a man who accused police of barging into his home while he was still struggling to put on his �prosthetic leg was left bemused by claims he lost the limb 20 years ago.

Hours after we published David Norman’s story on Friday, his ex-wife Lisa Fisher says he still had two fully functioning legs when she married him in 2000.

Mr Norman said he had lost the limb 20 years ago in a car accident.

Ms Fisher has photos taken, she says, during their marriage which show Mr Norman was not disabled at the time.

After the couple divorced nine months later, Ms Fisher said Mr Norman’s life spiralled out of control and that he ignored doctors’ advice to cut back on high-sugar foods while suffering from diabetes.

He eventually lost his leg below the knee about five years ago, Ms Fisher claims.

Ms Fisher, of Elm Road, Wisbech, said: “We met in 2000 and he promised me the world. However, as soon as we got married he changed. He was a control freak. It was a whirlwind relationship.”

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Ms Fisher said Mr Norman suffered from diabetes from a young age and that she was registered as his carer during their marriage.

Years later she says Mr Norman was warned by doctors to change his lifestyle because he could not feel anything below the knee.

Mr Norman, who also has kidney failure, high cholesterol and has suffered five strokes, is waiting to find out whether he will be charged with possession of Class A drugs.

He admitted having a small amount of cannabis for medicinal purposes but believes police were heavy-handed during their search of his home in Cannon Street, Wisbech, on May 26.

A police spokesman said there had been “several reports that illegal drugs were being used at the address”.

The spokesman said: “During the warrant officers knocked at the front and rear of the property but no-one answered. In order to preserve potential evidence a decision was made to force entry into the building.”

Roddons Housing Association also wrote to Mr Norman, warning him he may have to pay for the damage to the door following the raid.

Mr Norman has been bailed to return to March police station on July 7.