WATCH: Ely's new town crier announced

Cecilia De-Boer holding up a square cardboard frame.

Cecilia De-Boer won the competition, which took place on St Mary's Green, Ely on Saturday (June 4). - Credit: Visit Ely

The winner of the Ely's Next Town Crier Competition has been announced as Cecilia De-Boer.

The competition took place on St Mary's Green, Ely, on Saturday (June 4).

Cecilia can be seen demonstrating her abilities in a video released by tourist information centre Visit Ely.

The competition for a new town crier was held after Avril Hayter-Smith and her consort Graham stepped down after 20 years of service.

Cecilia De-Boer in a red dress and white cardigan, holding a bell.

Visit Ely described how the new town crier must be approachable and cheerful, and understanding of the importance of the role. - Credit: Visit Ely

On the complexity of the role, the former town crier said: "Being a town crier is about much more than just having a loud voice; it's about writing a good cry, delivering it with confidence and clarity."

Cecilia De-Boer speaking with Avril Hayter-Smith.

The competition for a new town crier was held after Avril Hayter-Smith and her consort Graham stepped down. - Credit: Visit Ely

When searching for an individual to take on the role, Visit Ely explained that the person must be approachable and cheerful, understanding of the importance of the role, able to attend important events in Ely throughout the year and someone who takes care and attention in their appearance.