Elm gets most of what it asked for as Cambridgeshire County Council agree to traffic calming measures

Traffic calming measures being introduced to Elm

Traffic calming measures being introduced to Elm - Credit: Archant

Begdale Road and Gosmoor Lane, Elm, have been dropped from county council plans to introduce speed cushions to slow down motorists after engineers found the road width insufficient for their installation.

But the council has agreed to put speed cushions along the B1101 following a successful bid by the parish council under a local highways initiative.

The proposals were advertised earlier this year and the county council says only one objection was received.

The complainant felt there was no justification for seven pairs of speed cushions through a small village such as Elm.

“They do not help safety but they can and do damage cars,” the objector told council officials.

“As I live on the main road I will have to drive over them several times daily.

“I also consider that they cause more of a safety hazard by vehicles including cyclists and motor cyclists swerving and trying to avoid them.”

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The objector felt lorries “will bounce over many speed cushions causing noise and vibration possibly even damage local properties and polluting emissions into the atmosphere”.

But council officials said the reason for seven cushions – whilst appearing excessive – was based on experience.

“Having this many sets will maintain the low speeds throughout the village,” they told the objector.

They also claimed there were many benefits from speed cushions “most notably the design of the cushions themselves means that cars and larger vehicles will be able to straddle them as they go over thereby minimising noise and vibration.

“In addition to this cyclists and indeed motorcyclists will be able to pass through unabated as the cushions will not from across the carriageway completely.”

“As part of any scheme which incorporates speed cushions, highway users will have to be forewarned by a series of advance warning signs.

“In addition it is necessary by law that such traffic calming measures are lit by a system of street lighting.

“It is anticipated that these measures should assist in preventing drivers slowing down on approach and revving their engines hard as they leave which contributes significantly to air pollution in urban settings.”

Officers say former county councillor Gordon Gillick had no comment on the plans but the current county councillor Steve Count had expressed his support.