ELECTION SPECIAL: Steve Tierney wins Wisbech West with what can only be described as a thumping big majority

Wisbech West: Paul Clapp (UKIP), Tina Eyres/blank space (Labour), Jane Feaviour-Clarke (Green), Shar

Wisbech West: Paul Clapp (UKIP), Tina Eyres/blank space (Labour), Jane Feaviour-Clarke (Green), Sharon Horne (Independent), Jonathan Miller/keep it clear (Independent), Christopher Ross (Lib Dem) and Steve Tierney (Conservative). - Credit: Archant

In Wisbech West the size and scale of Steve Tierney’s victory was as impressive as anywhere within the county.

UKIP’s Paul Clapp had realised his seat was in jeopardy but probably not even he could have foreseen the collapse in his share of the vote.

Cllr Tierney polled 1,076 – and although he came second Mr Clapp could manage just 211 votes.

Ironically Cllr Tierney lost his seat to UKIP four years ago.

Cllr Tierney described it as “the nicest campaign I have been involved with”.

Mr Clapp said it had been an honour to serve for the past four years.

Wisbech West

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Paul CLAPP (UKIP) 211

Tina EYRES (L) 190


Sharon HORNE (I) 119

Jonathan MILLER (I) 37

Christopher ROSS (LD) 61

Steve Tierney (C) 1,076

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