Eight week suspended jail sentence for drunken woman who assaulted a teenager

A FORMER hotel worker who had an affair with her boss has been given an eight week suspended jail sentence for assaulting a teenage member of his family.

Margaret Cassidy has also been banned from the Rose and Crown Hotel in Wisbech, where she slapped and pushed the youngster.

Cassidy was aggressive when she arrived at the hotel on September 18, and was told she was banned from the hotel bar.

She was asked to leave, and CCTV footage showed her assaulting her victim at the hotel doorway.

According to her solicitor, Cassidy remains in a relationship with hotel owner Jonathan Davies.

“This whole incident situation comes about as the result of an extremely messy situation,” said Michael Hinchliffe, mitigating at Wisbech courthouse.

He said Cassidy had argued with Mr Davies’ wife Jacqueline Noot when she arrived at the hotel; and during the incident, the 19-year-old victim called Cassidy’s relationship with Mr Davies “dirty.”

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Mr Hinchliffe said: “Mr Davies and Jacqueline Noot own the hotel; Margaret Cassidy went to work there three or four years ago, and she got into a relationship with Mr Davies,” he said. “She remains in a relationship with Mr Davies.

“My client went to seen Jacqueline Noot, and asked whether it was true she was not allowed to go into the bar, and was told it was true.

“There was an argument between the two of them.”

The teenage victim got involved, and was subjected to one slap and one push, he said.

Cassidy, 43, of Palmers Place, Wisbech, had earlier admitted a charge of assault; this week magistrates watched CCTV of the incident that took place around the doorway of the Market Place Hotel.

The court ordered Cassidy to be supervised by the probation service for 24 months and attend a “Think First” programme.