Students help create history at national Olympiad challenge

Thomas Clarkson students in Wisbech in the Maths Olympiad

From left: TCA students Goda Rinkevicitue, Evelyn Anderson, teacher Dani Stevenson and Aristi Nicolau. Evie Crowson is not pictured. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

Students at a Wisbech school put their knowledge to the test as part of two tough maths challenges. 

Four students from Thomas Clarkson Academy (TCA) in Wisbech, three in Year 13 and one in Year 12, took part in the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. 

It was the first time merits had been achieved in the programme, and each student received a certificate following a two-and-a-half hour written test. 

Year 11-13 students were also tested in the Senior Maths Challenge organised by the UK Mathematical Trust, which encourages various skills including precision of thought. 

Dani Stevenson, maths teacher at TCA, said: “There were some very positive outcomes from the Year 11 students alongside the achievements of those of their older peers.” 

James Youngs of Year 13 was awarded ‘best in school’, while Klavs Arbidans of Year 11 and Thomas Green of Year 12 earned the ‘best in year’ awards respectively. 

Thomas Clarkson Academy students from Wisbech in the senior maths challenge

Students at Thomas Clarkson Academy who took part in the Senior Maths Challenge. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

Around 2,200 students from the UK take part in the Mathematical Olympiad. 

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It is an annual contest designed to encourage girls and young women to tackle advanced maths problems and explain their solutions in written sentences.   

Full list of Senior Maths Challenge students from TCA:

- Year 11 - Klavs Arbidans, Jasleen Dhillon Kaur, Kory Morgan, Monika Sabaliauskaite, Cushan Urquhart, Max Walencik. 

- Year 12 - Thomas Green and Pijus Lucinskas.  

- Year 13 - James Youngs, Cody Derry, Kristupas Karkalas, Aaron Malkin, Rhys Morgan, Emma Towler and Alexis Waters.