A popular caterer was presented with an award for her ‘phenomenal work’ in looking after students and staff at a Wisbech school.

Sadie Cooper is head chef at the Thomas Clarkson Academy.

A new category for Best Support Staff has been added to an in-school awards programme already in operation, and Sadie is the first recipient of the accolade.

“She works tirelessly along with her team to ensure all our students and staff have access to high quality food before school, at break and lunch time,” said business manager Emma Burt.

“With an ever-increasing student population, Sadie has always risen to the challenge,” said business manager Emma Burt.

The catering team looks after around 1,500 students and staff.

During exam season, which is currently in full flow, Sadie and the caterers provide an early lunch for those taking afternoon exams to make sure they can fully concentrate on their work.

The decision to award Sadie the trophy was made by Principal, Richard Scott.

The awards, presented each term, recognise teachers and educational support staff, such as teaching assistants and now include all support staff, for their positive influence on the education of the students