OPINION: We are not the Covid 'police' but sometimes we feel like it

Voice of the Fens

Voice of the Fens - Credit: Archant

It feels at times like we have become a branch of the Covid ‘police’ in recent weeks. 

Our lines have been busy taking calls from sources ‘informing’ us of alleged breaches of guidelines/laws.  

There have been calls about barber shops remaining open (customers accessing through back doors), friends visiting neighbours, shops remaining open that are not selling essential items. 

We’ve also been told of a care home manager allegedly allowing her partner and friends to be vaccinated by visiting nurses ostensibly there to vaccinate residents.  

Not to mention deaths in care homes – being discussed at a parish council in shocked terms but when we checked the establishment referred to was free of any coronavirus.  

And of course, there have been calls about firms remaining open despite staff testing positive for coronavirus. 

The reality is that most people are behaving responsibly but we do check out many of the claims, even though they often turn out to lead up the garden path. 

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