Drunken Wisbech man tried to head butt police car after refusing medical care for cut

A BLEEDING drunk attempted to head butt a police car after refusing medical care from paramedics in a Fenland car park.

He was found lying in a pool of blood and ripped a bandage off his hand, allowing the blood to start flowing again.

“Officers tried to figure out who he was, he became irritated and starting shouting in his native language,” Fenland magistrates heard from prosecutor Scheherazade Haque.

“He was asked to be quiet, but he continued to shout and tried to head butt the rear windscreen of a police vehicle.”

Jurijs Dragancuks, 39, of Cannon Street, Wisbech, admitted he had been drunk and disorderly on October 2. He was fined �50 with �50 costs and a �15 surcharge.

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The court was told that Dragancuks was financially supported by his brother.

“I suspect your brother will not be pleased, because you are probably going to ask him to pay your fine,” said presiding magistrate Peter Waterfield.

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The court heard how police were called to the car park on a Sunday afternoon by a member of the public who had seen Dragancuks on the floor, bleeding heavily.

Paramedics arrived, but Dragancuks refused to say where he lived, or accept any treatment, added Miss Haque.

“His hand was partly bandaged, but he ripped it off, causing it to start bleeding again,” she said.

Dragancuks chose not to tell the magistrates anything about the offence, but confirmed that he bought alcohol with money he received from his brother.

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