Dog left in hot car for over an hour in Wisbech - luckily PCSO’s were alerted and came to the rescue

Dog left in hot car in Wisbech

Dog left in hot car in Wisbech - Credit: Archant

Police rescued a dog that was left in a hot car for over an hour in Wisbech earlier today.

Whilst on routine patrols PCSO’s were made aware by a member of the public of a dog inside a vehicle.

The dog had reportedly been in there for over an hour.

After some general inquiries the owner was contacted and returned back to the vehicle.

The owner was spoke to and given appropriate words of advice said Policing Wisbech, who added “#RSPCA #Hotsummerday #Animalsafety” to their post on Facebook.

One person commented on the post and wrote: “Omg what is wrong with people? If you can’t touch the steering wheel or sit on your seat when you return to your car, why do you feel you can leave a dog in there?

“You wouldnt put them in an oven but it’s exactly the same!”

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Another said: “I wouldn’t have bothered trying to find the owner of the car. Smash the window and get the dog out would have been more effective in teaching them a lesson.”