DK Reptiles take their animals to the streets of Wisbech

SHOPPERS had the chance to come face-to-face with pythons in Wisbech town centre on Saturday as DK Reptiles took to the streets.

Staff from the shop took a number of animals out and gave members of the public free talks in the hope of educating them about a variety of creatures they sell.

David Johnson, co-owner of the shop, said: “So many people have a lack of understanding about reptiles.

“We like to give something back to the community but also show people that reptiles are not going to hurt them. They are actually cheaper than the average pet and can live a lot longer too.

“I still get such a buzz when I see the eyes of people seeing or holding a snake for the first time. They’re amazed.”

A 20-year-old African Tortoise that weighs 50kg and costs �20-a-day to feed was taken to the open day from breeder Tara White as enthusiasts shared their animals too.

The shop, in Union Street Wisbech, are passionate about ensuring their reptiles go to homes that have sufficient knowledge about keeping reptiles.