Delamore staff raise over £230 for Children In Need by selling cakes, hosting quizzes and ... holding team members to ransom!

Delamore raises money for Children In Need

Delamore raises money for Children In Need - Credit: Archant

The staff at Delamore Garden Plants Outlet in Wisbech got into the Children In Need spirit and raised over £230 in the process.

Team members made and sold cakes, organised quizzes and games and held staff members to ransom.

To leave work on time staff had to secure free passage from Francis (the bear) Mizuro, by parting with their cash.

Francis is an active member of locally aligned charity, Pidley Mountain Rescue Team.

Francis Mizuro said: “The staff were really excited to be raising money for such a good cause.

“It is amazing how kind-hearted and generous the staff were.

“They really enjoy the charity days we regularly hold for good causes.

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“We also find that although it is all very light-hearted, the opportunities for staff to have fun together and interact more socially really help them work better together.”

Wayne Eady, managing director, said he was more than happy to round the £230 which staff raised up to £300.

He added: “It’s great fun for our staff to do this and we are more than happy to support them and to give something back.”