Dealer flees on foot leaving drugs, cash and his bike behind

cycling drug dealer in wisbech flees

Higher or lower? Police joined speculation about how much cash they picked from the floor after a cycling drug dealer fled on foot. - Credit: Fenland Police

Only police know the exact amount – but that hasn’t stopped speculation about the sum of cash dropped by a cycling drug dealer.  

Fenland Police told on their Facebook page how a cycle was dumped in Wisbech together with a bag containing cash and drugs.  

“Tonight while on patrol a male decided he would go for a little run from officers,” said a post to the Fenland Police Facebook page.  

And they had a message for the fleeing suspect: “If you have gone back to look for your bag, I’m very sorry to tell you that officers have recovered it, along with your bike.  

“The contents of the bag was rather interesting. 
“A large amount of cash and some green herbal substance were found inside.” 

Just how much cash caused some to hazard a guess.  

“About 200 quid – not a large amount lol” said one post. “Good find though”. 

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Police hinted there was a lot more than that in cash. 

Another poster told them: “500 at most - you must be paid bad if that's a large amount of cash”. 

Police offered no further comment, expect a final please to the suspect.  

“If you would like to come and collect your bike and bag, before we come and talk to you, you know where Wisbech Police Station is,” police posted.,  

“And we would be quite interested in having a chat.”