Wisbech: Multi-tasking police officers seize two vehicles at once

A black BMW with an e-scooter leaning against it.

Both vehicles were seized by officers for separate offences. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Quick-thinking police officers seized two vehicles at once in Wisbech, a black BMW and an e-scooter.

The BMW was seized after its owner had told officers that he hadn't realised that his car insurance had been cancelled.

Officers later searched the car and found a letter from his insurance company advising him of the cancellation.

Whilst dealing with this offence, a woman approached riding an e-scooter, whom the officers recognised.

She had been told by the same officers, a day previously, that riding e-scooters on roads or public footpaths outside of an approved Government scheme is illegal.

By law, e-scooters can only be ridden in areas taking part in a trial-scheme, such as the 'Voi electric bike and scooter trial' in Cambridge, or on private property.

Because of this, the woman's e-scooter was seized along with the BMW that the officers were dealing with at the time.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: "As they were dealing with this (the BMW with no insurance) a woman approached them riding on an e-scooter.

"She looked familiar, very familiar.

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"Officers had spoken to her the previous day and given her words of advice about, you guessed it, riding an e-scooter in public.

"Having clearly not listened, the e-scooter was seized along with the BMW."