Woman scammed of £1,000 but alert bank staff bring it to an end

Police warning after woman scammed of £1,000

Police warning after woman scammed of £1,000 - Credit: Cambs Police

Only intervention by bank staff saved a Wisbech woman from being scammed out of even more than the £1,000 they had already obtained from her.  

Police revealed that bank staff acted after the woman went into her local branch to question why head office had frozen her online account.  

Cambridgeshire Police say the scammers even called the woman on her phone when she was in the bank telling her it was her money and she could do what she liked with it.  

A police spokesperson said: “We’ve launched an investigation after a call from eagle-eyed bank staff earlier this week revealed a woman in her 60s has been scammed out of almost £1,000.” 

Police said the woman, in her 60s, had been messaged after applying for a loan online and told she needed to pay a ‘guarantor’ payment of £125. 
“The demands for money increased and more and more cash was moved to and from her account to prove the transactions ‘worked’,” said the police spokesperson. 

“Soon after this her online banking was frozen, so the woman popped into her local bank. 
“However, it was here that she was called again by the scammers and told to say it was her money and she could do what she wanted with it. 
“Bank staff called us after spotting something wasn’t quite right and we attended, spoke to the woman and have raised a crime.” 

The spokesperson added: “Our message is simple - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Please think twice.  

“Find out more about fraud or common scams, including tips on how to keep your money safe here  https://orlo.uk/VF4DM