Prolific suspected shoplifter in custody

PIC King's Lynn

Police Investigation Centre, King's Lynn, where a suspected shop lifter from Wisbech is being held. - Credit: Police Fenland

Police used lyrics from a 1965 top selling single to announce they’d caught up with a 2022 top performing shoplifter.  

Responsible for what they believe are more than 20 thefts from shops in the Wisbech area, police revealed today an arrest had been made.  

‘Keep on runnin’, keep on hidin’, one fine day I’m gonna be the one that finds you’ was how Policing Fenland announced the arrest.  

Police said the hunt for the offender had been going on for some time. 

The hunt had involved the Wisbech Response Team, Volume Crime Team and Wisbech Neighbourhood Policing Team. 

“All have been looking for a male who has been committing a lot of shopliftings across the Wisbech area in the last few months,” said the post to Policing Fenland.  

And after quoting the lyrics from the number one record by The Spencer Davis Group, police added: “You can’t run for ever; one male currently in custody after being arrested by response on suspicion of 20 plus thefts from shop”. 

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The post concluded: “Enquiries are ongoing.”