Fraud prevention officers stepping up efforts to tackle Cybercrime in Cambs

Cambridgeshire police are stepping up their efforts to tackle cybercrime.

Cambridgeshire police are stepping up their efforts to tackle cybercrime. - Credit: CAMBS POLICE

Cambridge Constabulary have stepped up their efforts to tackle the growing threat of cybercrime in the county by increasing the number of fraud and cyber prevention officers.

Four new members have been instated within the department to work in conjunction with Nigel Sutton, the Constabulary's Fraud and Cyber Security advisor, to not only investigate cybercrime but also work to protect local community groups and businesses by raising awareness.

Nigel said: "Cybercrime is recognised as something that needs addressing, local people need protection and we are injecting time and effort to tackle the issue.

"We have a management group that is trying to identify risk and harm and identify the areas of Cambridgeshire that perhaps need extra preventative engagement."

According to data from the Action Fraud Interactive dashboard, a study carried out by cybersecurity experts ESET highlighted that in 2021, Cambridgeshire had the eighth highest rate of cybercrimes per 100,000 people in the UK.

This was a 5.5 per cent decrease from 2020 figures, illustrating a marked improvement since the added impetus to tackle cybercrime.

Nigel, however, warned that cybercrime is a national problem and that showing a fluctuation in rates can be problematic due to the complicated nature of cybercrime compared to physical crime.

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Victims of cybercrime are advised to report an incident to the Action Fraud website who will then send details to Cambridgeshire Police of reports from their area, But the data is dependent on people actively reporting crimes.

Nigel said: "In the world of cybercrime and fraud, we rely on the public to report. We call it a 21st Century crime prevention role. We analyse, manage, monitor local crimes involving the internet, mobile telephones, and we’re picking out the most vulnerable people and working with them and engaging with them and their families."

Regarding the types of cybercrime that Cambridge Constabulary is dealing with, Nigel said they have to prioritise and he warns of the more prominent types of cybercrime that the public should be aware such as phishing communication, courier fraud, and computer service fraud and also romance fraud.

Nigel is keen to provide help to the public and can and set up community engagement talks to groups.

Report cyber crime here: