Man suspected to have stolen '£300-400' of alcohol in store theft

Co-op supermarket Wisbech Road Littleport

Two men are suspected to have stolen "between £300-400" of alcohol according to an eye-witness at the Co-op store on Wisbech Road, Littleport. - Credit: Archant

A man is suspected to have stolen “between £300-400” worth of alcohol as another distracted staff at an east Cambridgeshire supermarket.

An eye-witness said the men, believed to be around “25 to 30-years-old", were involved in stealing the items from the Co-op store on Wisbech Road, Littleport at around 5.40pm yesterday (Tuesday). 

“The lady on the till shouted in frustration that there were loads of expensive spirits; only one man had the items as the other was distracting staff,” the eye-witness said. 

“He then pretended to get something from the aisle, then I saw him run out with over £300-400 worth of spirits a minute after the other left.” 

The eye-witness said one of the men left the store with two carrier bags of spirits and boxes of beers. 

“I saw two lads with masks on in the shop, one who was slim and dressed in black and the other in a white t-shirt,” they added. 

“The other one who had drink had a head start and probably had the car running out of of the car park.” 

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A Central England Co-op spokesperson said: "We can confirm that a distraction theft took place at our Wisbech Road store in Littleport on Tuesday.

"The members of staff on duty were unharmed and we are giving our full support to the police while they investigate this matter." 

If you have any more information, contact Cambridgeshire police on 101 or online at: