Burglar caused 'significant disruption and loss'

Robert Fitzjohn was jailed for more than three years for break-ins. He targeted two businesses in March and a fish and...

Robert Fitzjohn was jailed for more than three years for break-ins. He targeted two businesses in March and a fish and chip shop in Hunstanton. - Credit: Cambs Police

Serial offender Robert Fitzjohn and not long out of prison for drug offences is back behind bars after being convicted of three break-ins, 

He targeted a tattoo parlour and a locksmith in March and a seaside fish and chip shop. 

He was jailed for more than three years. 

Fitzjohn, 41, was arrested on October 23 last year in connection with all three break-ins at the businesses in Fenland and Hunstanton. 

In the early hours July 25, Fitzjohn forced open the front door of Grey Area Custom Tattoos in March High Street. 

He stole an iPhone 7, a safe containing £3,000, £300 from the till and a CCTV hard-drive worth £3,700. 

On October 4, again in the early hours, Fitzjohn entered UK Signs Rapid Response locksmiths in March High Street. 

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He got in through the roof by sawing through joists, causing significant damage. 

Fitzjohn searched through cupboards and drawers but was disturbed by the owner before being able to steal anything and fled. 

He made the mistake, however, of leaving behind one of his gloves. 

Moving out of the Fenland area, overnight between October 10 and 11, Fitzjohn broke into Sally’s Shack Fish and Chip Shop in Greevegate, Hunstanton. 

He smashed a window after having attempted but failed to gain entry via metal shutters, causing more than £1,500 worth of damage to the shop and stealing a till worth £500. 

DNA recovered from all three locations matched Fitzjohn who was arrested at his home in Deerfield Road in March, on October 23. 

Fitzjohn admitted two charges of non-dwelling burglary including theft and non-dwelling burglary with intent to steal. 

He appeared at Peterborough Crown Court today (Wednesday February 3) where he was sentenced to three years and two months in prison. 

PC Chris Dykstra said: “Fitzjohn caused significant disruption and financial loss to small business at a time when we know the economy is struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“His actions were completely selfish and took no regard for the impact they would have on others’ livelihoods.” 

In 2016 he was jailed for three years for drug offences: a search revealed a quantity of drugs worth around £1,000 in his vehicle and also in his underpants. He was also in possession of more than £400. 

 £7,000 was also confiscated from Fitzjohn as a result of the Proceeds of Crime Act.