Police reveal what happened when driver stopped for using phone

Almost a quarter of homes and businesses do not have full 4G coverage. Picture: Radar.

Motorist stopped for using phone tells police he didn't even own one. But then this happened.... - Credit: Archant

If you’ve been spotted by police and stopped for using a mobile phone, most of us hold our hands up.  

But not always.  

Cambridgeshire Police were 100 per cent confident they had seen a man using his mobile phone whilst behind the wheel. 

And they pulled him over to give him a ticket.  

"We’ve just seen you using a mobile phone whilst driving,” was their opening line, expecting the driver to admit the offence. 

But his answer surprised them.  

“No, you didn’t,” he replied.  

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“I don’t even have a phone on me.” 

A search of the car may well have followed save for one embarrassing (well for the driver) moment.  

His phone rang.  

As a police spokesperson noted: “You couldn't make it up sometimes.” 

The hapless offender has now been duly reported.  

“He will either get six points and a fine or a day in court,” said the spokesperson 

Police also pointed him – and others- to their website.  

To the section, they said, which has “more information on the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving”.