Police share images of Wisbech cannabis factory

Police officer at cannabis factory in Barton Road

Police in Wisbech discovered a cannabis factory in Barton Road. - Credit: Policing Fenland

Police in Wisbech seized 50 plants from a cannabis factory this morning (June 23). 

Officers found the production facility at an address at Barton Road at just before 9am. 

No arrests were made and enquiries are ongoing. 

Cannabis found in Wisbech

Fifty cannabis plans were seized from the production facility. - Credit: Policing Fenland

Officers bagging up cannabis plans

Officers collecting evidence from a cannabis factory discovered in Barton Road, Wisbech. - Credit: Policing Fenland

Cannabis plants seized in Barton Road, Wisbech

Police seized cannabis plants from an address in Barton Road, Wisbech. - Credit: Policing Fenland