Huge pile of rubbish dumped in the countryside

Tydd Gote fly tipping

Tydd Gote where fly tippers dumped this pile of rubbish. - Credit: Contributed

A massive pile of rubbish – probably from a house undergoing renovation – has been dumped in the Fenland countryside.  

The heap was spotted by a passer motorist who shared photos of the fly tipping with both this newspaper and Fenland District Council.  

The motorist tweeted photos of the rubbish that has been dumped just off the A1101 at Tydd Gote.  

“Let's hope they have left evidence of where it came from," he tweeted. 

Fenland District Council – as usual – has been quick to respond.  

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” they tweeted in response. 

“I’ve reported this to be actioned asap.” 

The council suggested anyone seeing fly tipping can report it on the council website here 

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A few weeks ago, multiple sacks of rubbish dumped in North Bank, Wisbech, were also reported to the district council. 

The anonymous tip was sent to Fenland Council on January 8 through the online FixMyStreet website.  

“The rubbish is in the dyke,” reported the anonymous source. “It could contaminate the area.”