‘Phantom poster pincher’ strikes again

Peter Freeman ponders stolen banners

Now you see, now you don't. Anti incinerator campaigner Peter Freeman (centre) hopes to unravel the mystery of who is removing posters from the town bridge in Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

Whoever the thief is stealing anti-incinerator posters in Wisbech, he could be revealed sooner than he or she might have expected.  

A ‘phantom poster pincher’ strike again today, removing yet again removing a large anti-incinerator campaign poster in Wisbech.  

It is the latest theft of posters put up by supporters of the WisWIN protest group, campaigning vociferously to stop a £300m mega energy from waste incinerator coming to the town. 

But this time the ‘phantom poster pincher’ may have his wings clipped sooner than he or she might have expected. 

For the small team of supporters that replaced a stolen banner from the town bridge – only to discover it had been stolen within two hours – hope to have caught the culprit in camera. 

Suspecting that the ‘phantom poster pincher’ might strike again, the arranged for covert cameras to be installed and the camera’s roving eye affixed firmly to developments on the bridge.  

Now they are busy going through the CCTV to see what unravels.  

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“Whoever you are you should have smiled because I have a shock for you later,” said Peter Freeman, one of the groups out campaigning on behalf of WisWIN.  

“11.45am today a new WisWIN banner on the bridge,” he reported. “1.30pm no banner.” 

In the last five days, WisWin banners have ‘mysteriously’ been stolen while other posters and banners remain untouched.  

Peter is angry too at a suggestion on social media – from a local councillor – that it may have been ‘a Freeman false flag’ or ‘kids messing around’”. 

He said: “WisWIN is being targeted and we will get to the bottom of it. And sooner rather than later.” 

He added: “Why would someone target a group that is doing so much to fight this incinerator. 

"Just beggar's belief.” 

“All we can ask is whoever is doing this through personal or any other motive, please stop.”