A woman caught on camera fly tipping twice in a Fenland village could be facing a £400 fine for each offence.

Wimblington parish council manage local CCTV and footage revealed both incidents by the same woman dumping items near the parish hall.

Fenland District Council says its Street Scene team have now seen the footage and begun an investigation.

"If the investigation is successful and the person is found to have disposed of waste illegally then we have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £400 per offence,” said a council spokesperson.

“We have previously had one other incident captured at this location but we were unable to pursue enforcement action due to the vehicle involved not having a registered keeper.”

Use of cameras, however, is only a small part of what the council does to enforce laws on fly tipping.

“The council has been able to take enforcement action against those who have been captured fly-tipping through the use of cameras,” said the spokesperson.

“These have been through cameras owned by commercial businesses or members of the public.

“The use of cameras makes up only a small number of enforcement actions, with most of our successful cases resulting from officers’ investigations.”

The Wimblington incident was reported by the parish council.

It said that despite signs saying "no fly tipping", there were, over successive weekends, two incidents of a lady dumping rubbish (not clothes or glass) by the clothing banks at the Parish Hall.

Both were caught on CCTV and her vehicle details captured.

The council says it would have been cheaper for the woman to have driven to household recycling centre in March.

“The signs are very clear, as are those advising that CCTV is in operation,” said the parish council.

Fenland Council urges all residents to repot fly-tipping, making a note of its exact location, the day, date and time you saw it.

The council provides an online reporting system via their website so complaints can easily be made.

It also urges people not to touch the fly-tipped waste as it could include syringes, broken glass or asbestos.

And they suggest report it not disturb it as the waste can have evidence that would support a prosecution.