Couple’s anger as driver who crashed car into Fenland home escapes prosecution

A COUPLE were left outraged when charges against a man suspected of crashing his car into their Fenland home were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Thousands of pounds worth of damage were caused when a car careered off the road and crashed into the 100-year-old house in Harecroft Road, Wisbech, in January.

Lindsay Kierman, 53, was at home with her husband when the car hurtled through her neighbours’ gardens, bounced off their living room bay window and crashed into their Mercedes car.

Although the driver and passenger fled the scene, a 21-year-old man from Wisbech was later arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after police found him three times over the limit at his home address.

But, almost three months after the incident, all charges have now been dropped.

Mrs Kierman said: “It has taken from February until now to sort this out and it isn’t even sorted out. The fact that he can get away with it - in this day and age - it’s a joke.

“They didn’t actually see him behind the wheel of the car and that’s all it boils down to.

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“What’s going to happen next time? It beggars belief. Somebody could be killed and then would they still get away with it?

“Somebody could easily have been sitting in the front room when the car hit. I just thank God that they weren’t.”

A police spokesman said: “A man was arrested in connection with this incident, however following a thorough investigation there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case against him.

“The incident has now been filed pending any further evidence coming to light.”

Mrs Kierman and her husband, who were temporarily evacuated from their home when a gas box was smashed in the crash, have been forced to abandon holidays while repair work continues.

January’s crash was the second time that Mrs Kierman had suffered the terrifying experience - 22 years ago a car crashed through the front window of her previous home.