Couple up for the challenge as new high street shop launched

Lina Besliaga at L&B Fashion Boutique Chatteris

Lina Besliaga says she and partner Pawel are up for the challenge as they launched their new clothes shop, L&B Fashion Boutique, in Chatteris. - Credit: Daniel Mason

A woman who has turned a hobby into her first clothes shop said she is ready for the challenge that lies ahead. 

Lina Besliaga and her partner Pawel opened L&B Fashion Boutique, specialising in women’s clothing, in Chatteris on Monday, January 10. 

“There was an empty premises in town that wasn’t being used, so we thought this is something we can do,” she said. 

Lina, originally from Lithuania, moved to Chatteris around eight years ago and has run her own Facebook clothing page, L&B Fashion UK. 

Both Lina and Pawel were looking for a new premises after she had outgrown her fashion business on social media. 

Since announcing the launch of her High Street shop, Lina, a former factory worker, has gained much interest from residents and has won customers from the likes of Chatteris, Peterborough and Lithuania. 

“We spotted the unit in December and from how people have reacted so far, I think they want to see this clothes shop,” said Lina. 

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“I was doing Facebook Live videos in the summer for customers and most of our items are from Europe, including Poland and France. 

“I thought the shop would be slightly bigger, but we will try to make people feel happy.” 

Lina Besliaga outside L&B Fashion Boutique Chatteris

Lina has ran a successful Facebook group before launching her first female clothes shop in Chatteris. - Credit: Daniel Mason

On our visit to the shop, customers were stopping off to have a browse of the range of items on offer, from coats and dresses to bags and t-shirts. 

One customer praised Lina and Pawel for their efforts in launching their own business, saying “you’ve done really well”. 

Without Pawel’s help, Lina feels the shop may never have opened. 

Open between Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm, Saturdays 9.30am-4.30pm and this Sunday from 10am-4pm, one of Lina’s aims is to open regularly on Sundays and offer more choice for children. 

L&B Fashion Boutique on High Street, Chatteris

L&B Fashion Boutique on High Street, Chatteris is the first shop Lina, who is running the business with partner Pawel, has opened. - Credit: Daniel Mason

“We feel this shop adds something different for the town,” she added. 

“I hope to see more people coming from my Facebook group as I have seen everything growing. 

“With businesses closing and mine opening, it’s crazy; it is like a dream.

“I’m a little scared thinking what could happen from now, but with what I do online and possibly a website in time, we’re up for the challenge.”