Couple donate defibrillator to Wisbech Citizens Advice Bureau in memory of late daughter

lifesaving equipment donated to Wisbech Citizens Advice Bureau from the cardiac charity SADS UK. Cen

lifesaving equipment donated to Wisbech Citizens Advice Bureau from the cardiac charity SADS UK. Centre: Advice service leader, Oonagh Tucker. SADS representative Melanie Howlett and Lindsey Coldwell East of England Ambulance service trainer. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A couple who lost their daughter suddenly to a cardiac arrest have donated a life-saving piece of equipment to Wisbech Citizens Advice Bureau so that other parents don’t have to suffer the same fate.

Ian and Evelyn Duffy’s daughter Suzanne died of SADS (sudden cardiac death) in 2005. Since then, the pair and their son Steve, who plays drums in Copperface Jack, have dedicated themselves to raising funds for SADS UK.

The defibrillator works to restore the heart rhythm if a person goes into cardiac arrest - the earlier a defibrillator is used, the better the chance of survival.

The East of England Ambulance Service were on hand to demonstrate how to use the defibrillator yesterday.

Anne Jolly, Founder of SADS UK, the Ashley Jolly SAD Trust, said: “Ian and Evelyn have been dedicated to raising funds to make this lifesaving defibrillator available.

“We are pleased that Wisbech Citizens Advice Bureau will be a beneficiary of this potentially lifesaving equipment which can be used to restart the heart if a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.

“Using CPR alone provides a five per cent chance of survival but using the defibrillator as well increases the chance of survival to over 50 per cent.

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“This is why SADS UK and its members are so passionate about putting this lifesaving equipment in place.”

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