Wisbech PCSO presented with his ‘beloved bike’ upon retirement

PCSO Terry McCormack

Right: Chief constable Nick Dean presents retiring PCSO Terry McCormack of Wisbech with his 'beloved' police issue bike as a retirement gift. Left: When Terry chased a shoplifter not knowing he had broken his ankle. - Credit: Cambs Police/Archant

He became something of a celebrity PCSO when he chased down and caught a shoplifter despite not realising he’d broken his ankle in a fall from his cycle.  

Eight years later, and as a retirement gift, Cambridgeshire chief constable Nick Dean presented him with his police issue bike.  

“After almost 18 years serving the force, this month we have said goodbye to PCSO Terry McCormack who has hung up his uniform for the last time,” said a police spokesman. 

“Many of you may have seen Terry out and about across Fenland on his beloved bicycle, having spent the majority of his days in Wisbech on two wheels. 

“As a parting gift, Chief Constable Nick Dean presented Terry with the bike he had been attached to for so long.” 

Police described as “impressive” the amount of time he had successfully been dealing with crime using his two wheels. 

“One of his finest moments came in November 2013 where he chased down an offender before being thrown from his bike and breaking his ankle,” said the spokesman.  

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“Undeterred, Terry got back onto his bike and gave further chase before detaining the man. 

“We have loved having Terry as part of our neighbourhood policing team; he has always been a pleasure to have in the office. 

“He can only be described as dedicated and loyal to Wisbech and the Fens. We wish you every happiness in your retirement.” 

Colleagues told him: “You are officially state 11” - Cambridgeshire Police’s way of describing the end of a shift.  

Numerous tributes to Mr McCormack have been posted to the Cambridgeshire Police Facebook group. 

“A great loss to the Fens,” wrote one. “The amount of local knowledge, community engagement and& school liaison will never be replaced.  

“And that goes for all the PCSO’s that have been working with us.” 

In 2013 PCSO McCormack described what happened when he was sent flying from his cycle by a suspected shoplifter.  

He quickly remounted to chase the offender for 20 minutes despite not knowing that his ankle had been broken when he fell off. 

PCSO Terry McCormack

Chief constable Nick Dean turned out for the presentation to retiring PCSO Terry McCormack. The gift of a police issue bike was something special. - Credit: Cambs Police

PCSO McCormack eventually caught his man but only realised his ankle had been broken when he checked himself into hospital later that evening. 

“I don’t think what I did was a big deal - I was just doing my job,” he said.

PCSO Terry McCormack. Picture: Steve Williams.

PCSO Terry McCormack after his shoplifter chasing moment. - Credit: Archant

Inspector Robin Sissons, head of Wisbech Police, described his actions as “outstanding”.